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Isle of Lewis
Outer Hebrides

58°08' N 6°25’ W

58° North Photography, established in 2008, is based on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and is run by Rachel Bibby - a photographer with experience across a wide range of photographic disciplines. Specialising in landscape, travel, wedding, event and commercial photography and available on a freelance basis for commissions, public and private events and projects at very competitive rates. Also providing digital editing and photograph restoration services and photography tuition.

“I am passionate about photography and pride myself on providing distinctive, high-quality images. I prefer the natural approach, and wherever possible I use only available, natural light. My photographs have a strong compositional element and storytelling is a key motivation in choosing what and how I photograph. All my images have post-production work carried out to maximise their potential and prepare them for printing, whilst still ensuring they have a natural feel. As well as the landscape and rural photographs I produce, exhibit and sell, I work with a wide range of individuals, groups, businesses and publications looking for a tailored, inventive and enjoyable photographic experience that produces professional, creative images."